The Beginning of Your Child’s Future

Once you have made the decision to entrust your child’s education into our hands, we will begin to tailor our content to your child’s need. To enable us to serve you better there will be a pre assessment conducted along with an analysis of all parts of your child’s report card.

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Preliminary Evaluation

All new students will go through a basic pre assessment test to gauge their grasp of the basic concepts taught in previous grades. The test will include topics from mathematics, language, social studies and science. This will help us determine a starting point for your child’s tutoring experience.

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Report Cards

We require that all our new students turn in their latest report cards so we may begin their education at their current knowledge level. We can then draw out an action plan based on their current academic standing. The report cards will also act as a benchmark for measuring the progress of your child after they are entrusted in our care.

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THe Building Blocks

To bolster the learning of the child, strong fundamentals are required. The basics of each subject being perfected are the building blocks to their success. Hence prior to enrolment, it is crucial to gauge the needs and requirements of the student, and work accordingly to prioritize their sessions with us, to avoid any setbacks at school and improve their confidence.

THe “Learning Plan”

After the needs and requirements of the student have been discussed with the parents and student, we then develop a “learning plan”. Focusing on the student’s weakest points we implore them to develop as an all round student, who can achieve high grades in each and every subject. The learning plan also encompasses the analysis of the child’s report card.

Establishing the Plan

After the first few days of tutoring, we meet with the parents again to showcase the work their student has completed. Since the basis of the “learning plan” is to cement the basic concepts; the initial tutoring days focus on establishing the basics and then proceed to advanced areas of the subject, thereby enhancing the student’s ability and knowledge.

Execution of The plan

Once the plan for learning has been established, our teachers work accordingly to aid the student with school homework as well as  an overall knowledge of the subject. In addition to the time that students spend with us, we urge parents to monitor the daily practice homework assigned to students, thereby building a learning environment in their homes as well.  


Report Cards

The gateway to learning with AIM Study Centre.



Pre Assessment and the evaluation of the report cards, aids us in creating the “Learning Plan” to better tutor your child according to their needs.


The marks that we receive from the report card help us filter the subjects your child is struggling in and streamline the support required for your child’s success, in layman’s terms we basically look at the report card, evaluate and implement the best plan for your child to prosper in their studies.

Learning Skills

The level of learning skills that your child achieves is equally important, as this informs us of their ability to acquire knowledge and shows their current personal skills. It helps us to identify areas of growth in terms of independent learning, team work and collaboration which is then fostered through various activities at AIM Study Centre.