Regional Programs

International Baccalaureate (IB) has a presence in over 150 countries throughout the world. There are IB World Schools across the globe, and universities worldwide recognize the strength of their program. The program’s aim is to provide an innovative, international approach, where students learn in ways that develop their full potential.

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Advanced Placement (AP) focuses on providing students with the chance to tackle college-level work while they attend high school and earn college credits. Advanced Placement aims at improving chances of college admissions, and prepare the students for college with the work pressure, expectations and standards.

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The Sci-Tech program focuses on using mathematics, science and technology as a lens through which students will look and investigate our world critically. Sci-Tech integrates an interactive approach of hands-on, minds-on philosophy and provides students with innovative learning to engage them in classwork and homework. 

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The Application Process

The IB, IBT, Sci-Tech and AP programs all require applications and have distinctive processes to take admissions for students in their prestigious and competitive programs.

Program Research

Prior to preparation for any Regional Programs, the student must rank their priorities as all programs may be applied to, however each has specific expectations for the child to meet. Hence, to enhance the chances of admission into the student’s preferred program, we discuss their qualities and decide where to focus our time and efforts.

The Report Cards

The admission process for these programs may begin from October through Januaryof their previous grade; however, the report card from the last grade is also taken into consideration. Hence, to bolster the chances of admission, we suggest all students to join as early as possible to ensure higher grades in their school , and higher chances of acceptance into all programs.

Assessment Tests

Another component that is considered in the admission process for regional programs is the student’s performance on a written exam or essay. To prepare students in meeting the admissions criteria for the assessments, we assign similar tests, essays and exercises daily to prepare the students to perform to the best of their abilities even under pressure.

Performance Based Testing

Some regional programs assess students using interactive projects, which help demonstrate their thinking, creativity, decision-making, and communication skills. To prepare students, we practice with activities such as debates, team assignments and spelling lists, to improve the skills being examined.