What we have to offer…

At AIM Study Centre we provide tutoring services catered to your child’s needs and requirements, because most school classrooms can not provide the individual attention the child needs. All students have their own pace of work and we work at the student’s pace to help them improve by setting realistic expectations; we set goals and achieve them.





We provide tutoring for all subjects taught in schools and provide students with clarification on all topics they experience difficulty with. We also enhance language skills like reading, speaking, listening and writing by providing weekly word lists and doing exercises during class time.

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The building blocks of every child’s education is the perfection of core concepts for each subject. Regularly completing  homework helps the child comprehend the concepts and build a strong understanding for more difficult courses in the future. It also instills  responsibility and discipline.

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Regional Applications

IB, IBT, AP and Sci-Tech are all enhancements to your child’s education, and assist your child during their university applications. With over 20+ years of teaching experience, we have complete understanding of each program and can advise the right program for each child

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Eqao & Osslt Preparation

The EQAO and OSSLT test reading, writing and mathematical skills that Ontario students must demonstrate in Grades 3, 6, 9, and 10. Even though neither of these tests account for any report card marks, each child is still required to complete both tests, and preparation equals success.

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